The Fire Burns On

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Last week we were able to go home again. We were still on Pre-Evacuation Notice, but the very fact that we could sleep in our own beds gave us strength and comfort to face another day. It gave us hope.

Then the rains came. They poured. And with them came a shower of blessings and tender mercies. The drastic turn of weather was exactly what we needed. The rain helped smother the rest of the Pole Creek Fire. And although we, as a community, were nervous about mudslides and flooding, it was nothing compared to our deep and abiding gratitude.

The fire is gone.

And yet, a different fire still burns on. The Fire of the Covenant. It burns in our hearts as we look at the scarring on our mountainside. It’s almost beautiful that way. It reminds us of what we experienced and all the miracles we witnessed…

Like the fact that 40 mph winds did not blow the fire down into our canyon for 20 days – is a miracle. The fact that the fire jumped the highway, circled around our community, and didn’t jump back over – is a miracle. The fact that zero houses were burned – is a miracle!

We reflect in awe and wonder all we have experienced… and we are grateful. Grateful for all those who took us in. Grateful for the firefighters who worked tirelessly to save our homes. Grateful for the gospel and the power of combined fast and prayer. And in the end, grateful for the scarring on our mountainside. It will never be the same, but neither will we. Now, whenever we see our burned mountain, we will always remember the goodness and mercy God has shown us.

The fire of the covenants we have made with God will always burn within us. For we are blessed, and God’s hand is truly in our lives.

Love, Shalee

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