Choose to care. Choose Light!

Photo by Eric Melander

I’m re-dedicating myself to LIGHT. Or in other words, I am re-dedicating myself to Jesus Christ.

What I mean by that is… I’m going to care more.

I’m going to care about the things my body and my mind intake. I’m going to care about the things I can control. I may not be able to control other people and other situations, but I can control me. And that’s where I’m going to start.

So yeah, I’m going to care. I’m going to care if something I’m watching swears. I’m going to care if I come across foul language or inappropriate jokes or behavior. I’m going to care… because recently, I’ve found myself not caring.

I’ve found myself accepting it as a part of this world I live in now. I’ve found myself rationalizing and even thinking it’s humorous or okay at times. It took me realizing that I was missing out on a lot of Light in my life for me to decide I want to care more.

I want Light. I want Christ. I want good, wholesome topics of conversation and clean language in my home. I want to revert to the way I was raised, when I heard or saw foul behavior and would shut off the show. I know it’s going to be hard and I know I can’t control other people. I’m not trying to. But I can control what I do and how I react. I can control my own home. And I want my home to be a sanctuary. I want it to be a place where good things happen. I don’t want to tango with the world anymore. I’m good. I’m done. As much as I love dancing, some steps aren’t worth it.

Some people are going to laugh and say I’m too sensitive. Some will think I am crazy for trying something that is seemingly “impossible.” But you know… I know what it feels like to have that Light, and I’m willing to do/and give up anything to have that Light in my life continuously. It is that important to me.

I’m not going to be an extremist by any means, but I am going to be more actively engaged in filtering the bad and putting good things in my mind and body. I have realized how lax I have been about that… and instead of actively devouring the world, I want to actively devour Light. I want Light to be my “first course” and the world to be on the back-burner.

Does that make sense?

So here I go.

Here’s to re-dedicating myself to Light, knowing full well how difficult it will be… but also knowing how rewarding it will be.

Love, Shalee

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