Those Kinds of People

Photo by: Camille Taylor Photography (@camilletaylorphotography1)

I love people. I LOVE people!!!

Good people. Kind people. The ones who smile at you as you walk down the aisle of a grocery store, or the ones who open the door for you on the way into class. The ones who call and text you out of the blue just see how you’re doing, or the ones who take you by the hand in friendship and dance with you until you can’t stop smiling and laughing.

I love those kinds of people.

I want to BE one of those kinds of people.

Someone who laughs easily. Someone who greets those they like (and dislike) with a smile and a wave. Someone who builds others up in their talents, goals, and responsibilities. Someone who cares. Someone who empathizes. Someone who listens.

I’m grateful to know so many of those kinds of people. I’m grateful to call some of them my friends. And I’m grateful for their examples because they encourage me and remind me how many good people are in this world. Most of all, they inspire me to be better and to be more like them – to be more like Christ.

How grateful I am for those kinds of people and the kindness that they share. They cause me to stop what I’m doing and reflect on all the good that is happening around me. And for that, I am grateful.


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